Are you looking for a non-profit to donate your time or skills to and make our little corner of the world a better place?  We provide the homeless & those in need in the Metro East with essential everyday items that most of take for granted whether it's food, clothes or basic necessities.   There are many ways that you can volunteer with our organization and become a Difference Maker!

Sorting ~ We are always sorting donations, whether it's clothes, packaged food or basic necessities.  It takes a few hours and involves folding & bending.

Street Outreach ~ Serving and providing street outreach consists of distributing food, clothes and everyday essential items & basic necessities to our homeless friends as well as give them resources that can help them.  One important aspect of serving is talking with the people we serve, listening to their stories, and offering encouragement & support, comfort, and hugs & prayer, if they'd like.  We want to put a smile on their face when we leave, knowing somebody cares and is there for them.  We serve in both St. Louis MO and Belleville, Il.

Baking/Cooking ~  We like to make a homemade meal when we serve.  Right now, we're feeding between 50-80 when we serve and we expect that number to rise in the colder months.   We also like to hand out baked goods because food made with love makes life a little better!  If you like to bake or cook and want to help make a difference, please contact us!

Snack Bag Makers ~ We like to make snack bags to pass out, they always bring a smile to people's faces!  Snack bags consist of small bags full of snacks & treats.  Snacks are donated to us and you can also buy your own.  Snack bags are a fun activity for kids to do!

Blessing Box Fillers ~ Blessing Boxes are filled with non-perishable foods & basic necessities that people might need but don't have the money to buy, and are placed at local churches & businesses.  We help fill a few local ones and are looking for volunteers to pick up donations and drop them off in Blessing Boxes.  Check out our
Blessing Boxes page to find locations in our area & learn more about these special ways to help the community.

Grant Writing ~ If you can research & write grants,  Making A Difference needs you and would love your help!

Fundraising & Event Planning ~ We're looking for people to create fundraisers & events for us, whether it's one night at a restaurant or bar, a charity bingo game, a bake sale, raffles, silent auctions, etc.  Anything that brings people together for a great time that raises money for our cause.

Donation Drives ~ Donation drives are fun and pretty easy to do!  You pick a specific item, or a few basic items, and start collecting them!  Our most needed items are water, socks & underwear.  Other drives can be held for food, clothes, shoes and anything else our displaced friends need.  This is a fun thing kids like to do, it keeps them busy and teaches them about giving back!

Helping From Home ~ You can easily help MAD from home!    You can hold garage sales or bake sales, sell items like  Scentsy, Pampered Chef, Yankee Candle, Tupperware, PartyLite, Thirty-One,  etc., and donate a percentage of your profit to Making A Difference.  Some waitresses & bartenders like to have a day at work where they donate their tips.  There's many ways to raise money yourself so please contact us with any ideas you have!  We'll also help promote your event on our Facebook page!

If you're interested in learning more about volunteering with Making a Difference or have any skills you'd like to use to help us, please
contact us

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Volunesia: That moment when you forget you're volunteering to help change lives, because it's changing yours.

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