Oct 2020 - Farmers to families was able to aquire food for the community and with their help we was able to pass out thousands of pounds of food in the month of Oct! 

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Dec 22,2019 - Our Christmas Dinner at St. Patrick Center in Downtown St.Louis

Oct 2020 -Was a busy month! We had our first in person fundraiser of the year! We were invited to take part in Spooktacular in St. Jacob Park and we raised roughly $700! 

Aug. 2020 - In August we had our Downtown St.Louis Outreach located at St.Patrick Center. As always we handed out a home-cooked meal and provided clothing, shoes, and blessing bags.

June 2020 -A local 5Below reached out to us about giving us a rather large donation of roughly 500 pounds of candy and soda for the community. Thank you 5Below!

July 2020 - Once the harvest came in we was able to pass out roughly 1500 pounds of fresh vegetables to the local community. Huge Thanks goes out to St. Johns for helping us Make A Difference!

June 2020 - The Great people at Dental Wellness of Maryville gave us a $1000 donation! Thank you for helping us Make a Difference in the community! 

Oct 2020 - We had the wonderful oppertunity to team up with Burgersstl ! These wonderful people donated over 100 hamburger lunches and a couple hours of time to help us feed the community!  

Dec 2020 and beyond!- We are looking forward to updating this as we do more and more in the community! We would be unable to do any of this without the great support of so many people! 

Sept 2020 Walmart Market in Collinsville held a donation drive to help us feed the community! Thank you Walmart Market for helping us Make a Difference!


This page holds some of our most memorable moments from the past year. 

Nov 2020 - We had our Thanksgiving Dinner at  the Community Care Center in Granite City and the WONDERFUL people at Ravenellis restaurant catered the whole thing! We was able to feed around 50 people along with passing out blankets, coats, clothing and blessing bags!