Blessing Boxes
Blessing Boxes are a wonderful way to help others!  The idea is to take what you need, give when you can.  They're filled with non-perishable foods & basic necessities that people might need but don't have the money to buy.  It's a great way for churches, non-profits, businesses, groups, families, kids & individuals to help the less fortunate in our communities.  And, it'll fill your heart with happiness knowing you're making a difference!  If you'd like to help us fill Blessing Boxes, know of any in the Metro East or would like to donate one, please
contact us.

​​​Metro East Blessing Boxes

Bunker Hill
First Congregational Church
105 N. Franklin St.

Caseyville Police Dept.
10 W. Morris St.

Discovery Family Church
699 S. Bluff Rd.

Webster Elementary School
108 W. Church St.
Learn how this Blessing Box was created!


Amazing Grace at Logan Place

7 Logan Place

Glen Carbon
Cottonwood Family Church
180 Cottonwood Rd.

Granite City

Holy Family Catholic Church
2606 Washington Ave - in the back

Niedringhaus United Methodist Church

1311 20th St. - on Delmar side, across from library


Maryville Outreach's Blessing Box

2500 N. Center St - Southwest corner of the Maryville PD.

Prairie Town
Little Free Pantry

7580 Renken Road
1 mile past Prairietown Bar
North side of road​

Bethel Baptist Church's Blessing Box

Parking lot of Lochmuller Group
1928 SrA Bradley R. Smith Drive


Little Free Pantry

Next to the Worden Post Office

East Wall St.

Blessing Box Contents
A few ideas of what you can donate to Blessing Boxes:

Pre-packaged snacks:  Crackers, chips & pretzels, nuts, beef jerky & string cheese.  Graham crackers, granola bars, cookies, snack cakes, pop-tarts, raisins, mints & gum, pudding & jello cups, breakfast & snack bars.

Canned goods:  Tuna fish & chicken, spam, stew, chili & soup, pork & beans, ravioli & spaghetti-0's.  Fruits & vegetables.

Misc. Food:  Cereal & oatmeal, peanut butter, jelly & jam, rice & beans, rice mixes, pasta & sauce, mac & cheese, ramen noodles, pancake mix & syrup, boxed meals, baby food.

Drinks:  Water, tea & coffee, nutritional drinks, juices, powdered milk, instant breakfast drinks, kool-aid, non-fat dry milk, infant formula.

Condiments & Staples:  Ketchup & mustard, mayonnaise, salad dressing & hot sauce.  Salt & pepper, creamer, sugar & flour, vegetable oil & non-stick spray.

Toiletries:  Toilet paper & paper towels, pads & tampons, diapers & wet wipes, adult diapers, deodorant, toothpaste & toothbrushes, shampoo & conditioner, soap & body wash.

Basic essentials:  Paper towels & paper plates, dish soap, laundry detergent & fabric softener, trash bags, bug spray, anti-itch cream, sunburn cream, band-aids.  Dog & cat food, treats, leashes & collars.

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Other Take What You Need, Give What You Can Resources:

Sharing House Ministry
Remedy Church - 3129 Princeton Avenue - State Park.
You can find clothes, shoes, small household items, baby items & kids toys, and get food from a Blessing Box or give some.  Their motto is Take When You Need, Give Only When You Can.   Saturdays from 10am to 1pm.  Donations are accepted during that time, also.

The Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
Governor's Parkway near Goshen Elementary -
We can't love this enough!  There's a Charlie Brown Christmas tree where people can leave wrapped Christmas gifts for those who might need it during the Holidays.  If you know of any holiday trees or sites like this to leave presents, please contact us!

Mysterious Edwardsville Christmas Tree Bringing Joy

The Goal of this Charlie Brown Tree? A Gift for Every Child

Free Little Libraries and Kids Book Boxes

A fun concept of take a book, return a book.  Find these libraries in your area and learn how you can create your own on our resource page here.

This is the style of Blessing Box that we would love to have donated - two doors with shelves, made out of hard plastic or waterproof, that we can place around the Metro East to help others.