Nov. 14, 2016-  Making A Difference was founded

Feb. 7, 2017-  Received a brand new logo from Kelly Tracy's Ad & Design

Feb. 24, 2017-  Channel 2/The Thread Stl  "Roundup/Homeless woman hears for the first time in over a year" with Virginia Kerr and Tim Ezell, begins at the 4:50 mark

Mar. 1, 2017-  "Southwestern helps St. Louis woman in need" 

Mar. 22, 2017-  Granted 501(c)3 status from the IRS, officially becoming a federally tax exempt non-profit charitable organization

Mar. 23, 2017-  Our logo was featured on a local race car from Tettaton Racing

Apr. 7, 2017-  Blessed with a 20 passenger shuttle bus to accommodate our continuous growth

Apr. 13, 2017-  Granted a confirmed charity PayPal account at

Apr. 24, 2017-  Fox2Now  Southwestern Hearing replay (over 54K views)

May 3, 2017-  Winner of Seeger Toyota's "You choose, we donate" non-profit contest out of over 50 nominations

May. 15, 2017-  Granted a confirmed charity Facebook account at /becausetheymatter

May 24, 2017-  Made the Final 4 in the Papa John's St. Louis Charities out of over 1,200 nominations (Our friends at Needy Paws won!)

June 11, 2017-  Smilocracy Founder Matt Goodman sent us the finished "Give back Seeger Toyota" video

July 12, 2017-  Baptisms, BBQ, and fellowship down at the homeless camps in East St. Louis

July 28, 2017-  New decals were designed and donated for the shuttle bus

Aug. 1, 2017-  Invited to join the CoC Homeless Outreach Committee along with St. Patrick's Center, BJC, The Biddle House, St. Peter and Paul, the St. Louis Police Department, the City of St. Louis, and numerous other organizations.

Aug. 21, 2017-  Channel 2/The Thread Stl  "A Look Back" with Virginia Kerr and Tim Ezell, begins at the 12:15 mark

Sep. 7, 2017-  Joined the Collinsville Chamber of Commerce

Sep. 11, 2017-  Blessed with a website to accommodate our continuous growth (thank you Shannon Stelling, we love it!)

Sep. 22, 2017-  Achieved 5,000 likes on Facebook at /becausetheymatter

Nov. 11, 2017-  Channel 2/The Thread Stl  "Veteran's Day Special" with Virginia Kerr and Tim Ezell, begins at the 5:10 mark

Nov. 23, 2017- St. Louis Post Dispatch/STLTODAY.COM  "Thanks for giving, 77 Volunteers in St. Louis"

Dec.. 18, 2017-  Belleville News Democrat Annual "Blessed to Give" program

Dec. 28, 2017-  Belleville News Democrat "Troy, Illinois residents help homeless vet get home for Christmas"

Dec. 29, 2017-  Channel 4/    "Troy community rallies to get homeless vet to New York"

Dec. 29, 2017-  "Community raises money quickly to help homeless veteran start over"

Dec. 29, 2017-  "Within hours, Illinois town raises money to get veteran off the streets"

Dec. 30, 2017-  "Illinois Community Raises $500 In Hours To Send Homeless Veteran To Stay With A Friend In New York"

Dec. 30, 2017-  "Woman enjoying sights in town spots abandoned trash, but when she realized the truth" 

Jan. 3, 2018-  Spotlight featured our original Facebook post (a FB page with over 1.25 million followers!)

Jan. 4, 2018-  "Community comes together for homeless veteran"

Jan. 10, 2018- Applied and approved through St. Clair County to receive community service workers

Jan. 13, 2018-  Achieved 10,000 likes on Facebook at /becausetheymatter

Jan. 26th, 2018-  Joined the Belleville Chamber of Commerce

Jan. 27, 2018-  Channel 2/The Thread Stl with Virginia Kerr and Tim Ezell

Feb. 12. 2018-  Blessed with a second shuttle bus from our friends at BJC to accomodate our continuous growth

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While we don't seek reward or recognition, it's great to look back and see the the many things that we've all accomplished.  Together, we make the difference!